Network & Security


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

ITQAN being the Cisco Gold Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support Cisco's range of switching, routing, security, wireless, servers, collaboration, data center, service provider and cloud solutions.


Ciena Corporation, the network specialist, offers leading network infrastructure solutions, intelligent software and a comprehensive services practice. Ciena leverages deep expertise in packet and optical networking and distributed software automation. All Ciena solutions are in alignment with OPn, Ciena’s approach for building next-generation networks that are programmable, scalable and that can automatically adapt to handle the changes created by cloud/data center migration, mobile broadband and the surging demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The company’s solutions form the foundation of many of the largest, most reliable and sophisticated service provider, enterprise, government, and research and education networks across the globe.

ITQAN is Ciena partner and has deployed many Ciena solutions in UAE and has the competency and skills to design, deploy and support Ciena solutions.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks offers high-performance network and security solutions to help service providers, enterprises & the public sector create value & accelerate success.

ITQAN is a Juniper Elite partner which is the highest level of partnership from Juniper and is authorized to sell and deploy all the network and security solutions & products from Juniper.


Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions. Continuously innovating based on customer needs, Huawei are committed to enhancing customer experiences and creating maximum value for telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers.

ITQAN partners with Huawei and have the capability to design and implement Enterprise and Carrier network solutions from Huawei.


For well over a decade, Aruba has provided access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions that enables customers to create next-generation mobility networks.

Aruba solutions are unified into one cohesive and manageable enterprise mobility infrastructure that strengthens security, simplifies how users and devices connect, and eases the burden on IT. ITQAN is an Aruba partner and has deployed many Aruba solutions and has the competency and skills to deploy complex wireless solutions.


Riverbed Technology is a technology company that specializes in improving the performance of networks and networked applications. Riverbed helps organizations to have the flexibility to host applications and data while helping to ensure that applications perform as expected, data is available when needed, and performance issues are detected and mitigated as quickly as possible.

Riverbed Steel Head, Steel Fusion Appliances are protecting the business and investments of any organization by providing functionalities like: Location-Independent Computing, Application Acceleration, Bandwidth Optimization, Data Centre, branch office and Servers consolidation. Riverbed Application and Network Performance Management solutions are giving full visibility of the IT infrastructure and breaking the tie between the Applications and the Network teams.

ITQAN has partnered with this industry leader to satisfy its customers' business needs with the best solutions.


Imperva is a provider of cyber and data security products. With an integrated security platform, Imperva data center security provides tools to combat attack, theft, and fraud, andmitigate risk.[ Imperva fills the gaps in traditional security by directly protecting high value applications and data assets in physical and virtual datacenters. IMPERVA delivers new layer of protection that keeps the high-value applications and data assets in customer's physical and virtual data centers safe, yet accessible.

ITQAN has Premier Partnership with IMPERVA to provide our customers with this layer of protection which includes Web application Security, DDoS protection, Database security, Cloud Security and Data Center Security.


FireEye, is a leader in cyber security and malware protection, stopping cyber-attacks, advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and targeted APT attacks. FireEye protects the most valuable assets in the world from those who have them in their sights.

ITQAN technical expertise along with FireEye technology, intelligence, and expertise helps eliminate the impact of security breaches. We find and stop attackers at every stage of an incursion.


F5 helps organizations seamlessly scale cloud, data center, and software-defined networking deployments to successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

ITQAN has partnered with this vendor who has been a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for many consecutive years.


Citrix is a market leader in cloud, networking and virtualization technologies that are transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era.

ITQAN is a Silver partner with Citrix and has the skills and capabilities to design and deploy many of the Citrix solutions.

Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems is a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions. Blue Coat offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere.

ITQAN being the Blue Coat partner and having expertise in deploying wide range of Bluecoat products is helping customers increasing their applications performance through caching and Proxy solutions and allow for secure internet access experience

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a security vendor providing next generation firewall features to market and as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant protecting organization from cyber threats. Palo Alto provides an array of NGFW features in to a firewall including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS, and URL filtering. Because these functions are natively-built into the platform and share important information across the respective disciplines, Palo Alto ensure better security than legacy firewalls, UTMs, or point threat detection products.

ITQAN is a Palo Alto silver partner with certified engineers helping our customers to secure their networks, and Data Centers with Palo Alto Next generation Firewalls and to protect throughout the continuum of attacks with blocking and providing visibility of the attacks in real time and giving contextual visibility of the applications and the users in the network.


A10 Networks' Application Delivery Controllers and Threat Protection Systems are providing application availability, acceleration, and security for thousands Data Centers of the world's largest enterprises, service providers, and hyper scale web providers.

ITQAN partnership with A10 provides customers with one of the leading application delivery solutions.


Fortinet is a global leader and innovator in Network Security space providing UTM, and security systems, which are used by enterprises and service providers to increase their security while reducing total operating costs. Fortinet solutions were built from the ground up to integrate multiple levels of security protection including firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, spyware prevention and anti-spam designed to help customers protect against network and content level threats.

ITQAN is a Fortinet partner providing rich sets of Fortinet security solutions with having in-house certified engineers to help you to build and develop your network security and to protect from vulnerabilities and threats.


McAfee, part of Intel Security, is one of the world's leading and dedicated security technology companies. Delivering proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems and networks of all sizes around the world from the latest malware and emerging online threats. McAfee solutions are designed to work together, integrating antimalware, antispyware, and antivirus software with security management features that deliver unsurpassed real-time visibility and analytics, reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve Internet security, and help businesses achieve operational efficiencies.

ITQAN is a McAfee Premier Partner and therefore, our customers can benefit from the experience and expertise of ITQAN's experts team who are relentless on keeping our customers and clients safe on the internet.

Systems & Storage


DELL is a leading provider of Servers, Storage Solution from small businesses to the world's largest data centers. DELL enterprise-class PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerEdge VRTX & Dell Storage offered as common building blocks for a converged infrastructure, DELL products set the standard in ease of management, energy efficiency.

ITQAN being a Preferred Direct ELL Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support DELL range of Servers, and Storage solutions.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is global largest providers of information technology infrastructure, Server, Storage Solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes. HP delivers the best solution for customer specific business or IT challenge by gaining a thorough understanding of the situation, then applying the right combination of best-in-class services, software, systems, partners and financing.

HP offers a complete portfolio of standards-based integrated solutions and services developed specifically to solve the complexities of data centers. HP innovative solutions help in transforming IT environments into highly automated, virtualized data centers. These solutions are designed to dramatically reduce maintenance and operational costs—while at the same time increasing agility, computing power, and data capacity.

ITQAN being the HP Gold Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support HP range of Servers, Storage, collaboration, Data Centers, Service Provider and cloud solutions.


EMC is a Global leader in Storage systems to enterprises of all sizes. EMC Information Management Strategy services organize your unstructured information by focusing on things such as reducing cost of storage and improving information security. This service enables companies to move to a model reaching all your applications and business processes by refining your information policies. As a result, companies reduce operating and infrastructure costs. EMC Storage provides the technologies and tools that can help you release the power of your information. ITQAN can help the customer to design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructures.

ITQAN being an EMC Sliver Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support EMC Storage solutions & Storage Data Migration.


VMware is a leading provider of Virtualization solutions components for building and running a private cloud infrastructure, based on VMware vSphere that leverages the software-defined data center architecture. This architectural approach delivers virtualized infrastructure services (compute, network, security and availability) with built-in intelligence to automate the on-demand provisioning, placement, configuration and control of applications based on defined policies, ITQAN being the VMware PREMIER Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support VMware solutions & Data Migration.


Veeam provides solutions that guarantee high Availability for the Modern Data Centers to help businesses remain always-on. Businesses today require 24/7 access to data and applications, and efficient management of exponential data growth, while users have no patience for downtime or data loss. With VMware, Hyper-V delivering some of the latest technologies in virtualization, more organizations are benefiting of them than ever before. Veeam Solutions enable VMware and Hyper-V customers by providing solutions that deliver High Availability for the Modern Data Centers.

ITQAN is a Silver partner for VEEAM and is amongst the few System Integrators in UAE that have the expertise to design and deploy VEEAM solutions. Being VEEAM Sliver partner, ITQAN can support the customers who have either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, help them to address their virtual Back-Up, Disaster Recovery and management challenges.


ORACLE is a leading provider of Infrastructure Servers, Storage, Linux and Virtualization Solutions available to eliminate single points of failure for mission critical Oracle Databases and applications.

ITQAN being the ORACLE Gold Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support ORACLE range of Servers, Storage, virtualization and data migration solutions.


SYMANTEC is leading provider of small, medium and large Enterprises Backup & Recovery Solutions. Symantec NetBackup protects the most demanding Data Center environments, offering reliable, scalable protection with support for virtually every popular server, storage device, hypervisor, database, and application platform.

ITQAN being Symantec Sliver partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support Symantec Backup solutions.



Leviton Network Solutions supports commercial and residential cabling infrastructures around the globe with an unparalleled selection of high-performance cabling infrastructure products and systems. From the server room to the living room, Leviton's proven end-to-end performance keeps people connected.

ITQAN being Authorized Installer is authorized to sell, design, implement and support Leviton's Structured Cabling Implementations

Data Centre

APC by Schneider Electric

APC by Schneider Electric is a manufacturer of End-to-End data center solutions, products and services, uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals and a wide range of relevant products including Surge Suppressors, Power Conditioning equipment, Power Management Software, DC Power Systems, Precision Cooling equipment, Professional and Consulting Services for Non-stop Networking.

APC is one of the leading Global Specialist in Energy Management and Critical Power and Cooling Services which provides Protection against many of the primary causes of data loss, hardware damage and downtime. APC, known for Legendary Reliability, sets the standard of quality, innovation and support for power protection solutions from desktop systems up to data center operations to entire facilities.

ITQAN being APC Elite Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support the APC range of products and services ranging from 0.5 kVA up to MW Scalable Modular UPS Systems, Data Center Infrastructure Solutions(DCIM), In-Row and Conventional Cooling Solutions, Energy Management Solutions, and Professional Services.

Business Application, Services and Software Solutions


Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

ITQAN is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) of Microsoft volume licenses to enterprises. ITQAN's technical expertise, track record of success and the quality of work have earned ITQAN the Microsoft Gold certification status with the competency of Volume Licensing.


SAP is at the center of today's technology revolution, developing innovations that not only help our customers run at their best, but also improve the lives of people everywhere.As the market leader in enterprise application software, we help organizations of all sizes and industries combat the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

SAP applications and services enable more than 263,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

ITQAN is the bronze partner for SAP.


By engineering out the complexity that stifles business innovation, Oracle is engineering in speed, reliability, security, and manageability. The result is best-in-class products throughout an integrated stack of hardware and software, with every layer designed and engineered to work together according to open industry standards. Oracle's complete, open, and integrated solutions offer extreme performance at the lowest cost—all from a single vendor. Integrated, industry-specific solutions are engineered to address complex business processes across a wide range of industries.

ITQAN being the ORACLE Gold Partner is authorized to sell, design, implement and support ORACLE range of Servers, Storage, virtualization and data migration solutions.

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